Isabel Aagaard, Founder

Isabel is a 29-year-old designer by trade and eco-conscious by nature. She decided to design innovative solutions that can make a lasting positive impact against humans’ wasteful habits. LastObject was founded in 2018 with LastSwab as the first product launched in 2019. Earlier this year, LastTissue was brought to life as Isabel also gave birth to her first child, a perfect, healthy boy. As an eco-fighter and power-mom that always leads by example, Isabel truly stands by her products and hopes to inspire others to adapt to living sustainably as well.

Our mission

Our mission – eliminate single use items by creating reusable sustainable alternatives.

Our purpose is to provide the world with sustainable choices.

Our values:

  • Our products must have at least ten times real environmental impact versus the traditional single-use disposable products that they replace.
  • We create premium products with high usability and excellent design, where “good enough” is not good enough. We are obsessed with our products.
  • We are end-to-end sustainable across our entire value chain, from cradle to grave.

Designed in Denmark

We are based in Copenhagen, Denmark, where all LastObject products are designed and prototyped. We are the original inventors of LastSwab and LastTissue and we hold all IP rights to our products, including trademarks, design rights, and patents). Production of our products is done in both Denmark and China..