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LastSwab Basic

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LastSwab is the original zero waste alternative to the everyday cotton swab or Q tip. Made from high-quality, durable TPE and PP material, the LastSwab is a bathroom essential that is the perfect balance of charm and functionality. With a single purchase, you can cross cotton tips off your shopping list forever while doing your part in helping the environment.


LastSwab is resilient enough to last 1,000 uses without compromising the soft and gentle feel tip that you’re accustomed to with regular cotton tips.


A single LastSwab aids the fight against harmful, single-use plastic cotton tips, more than 1,000 times over!

Easy To Clean

Simply wash the tip with a little soap and water then leave to dry, making it instantly ready for your next use.

Customer Reviews

Based on 109 reviews
Leah S.
perfect for lips

The LastSwab takes a little getting used to, but overall, i like it for specific things. I use mine to apply lip mask and exfoliator. because it's nubby plastic, it has just the right texture to boost my lip products and not create waste like with disposables. :) - Originally posted on

Jacob G.
Game changer!

This ear swab is genius and I wish there was more education on reusable personal care. The swab ends feel really durable and are pretty tight on the end. It also cleans really easily over the sink! Overall just a very simple, effective product. - Originally posted on

They're great, but not for what you think!

Yes, these are made for your ears, but personally I don't like them for that. I like the absorbency of cotton tips and so I avoid buying the plastic Q-tips and look for the paper stick kind instead. HOWEVER, these are FAN-Fricking-Tastic for everything else you would use a Q-tip for! I like the pointed one better than the one with the little bumps. The pointed one has a blunt side too, but the material is sort of softer/spongier than the bumpy one, which is much harder. I use them to gently remove blackheads on my face and man are they great. No more nail marks. Gets just the right leverage and pressure to gently extract hard to reach areas. I also use them for CLEANING! Can't say enough good things about them! - Originally posted on

Elizabeth B.
On my second swab

I love the fact I don’t have to use disposable swabs but I need to know what kind of plastic it is so I can recycle. You need to have a recycle number on the plastic in order for the local waste facility to take it (in the USA). Please update your design to show the plastic number. - Originally posted on

Curtis H.
Amazing product!

I got the Last Pads for my Wife and Daughters. They love them. One they become available again we will be ordering more. We will probably end up getting enough to eliminate all disposable pads in our house! - Originally posted on